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Killer Instinct is a fighting game, that received a high profile launch on the Super Nintendo

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Killer Instinct is an arcade style fighting game that was published by Nintendo and Midway in ‘94 and eventually made its way to the PC world as well. The game itself doesn’t feature an interesting or original background story but it did manage to bring a collection of unique fighters to those that love the genre.

A fighting game that combines the good stuff

Back in the day when it was released, chances were that you’d probably lose a good part of your summer playing it in solo or versus mode. It had features inspired from games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat but also brought a series of personal improvements which made it a must have.

In terms of gameplay, Killer Instinct follows the same pattern as other similar games, you have one character which you control with a series of keys, jump, kick, punch and block, as well as combine all of them to create some massive combos.

The latter is where Killer Instinct shined as it featured automatic combos which allowed players to create a sequence of moves and deliver them in a simple way, allowing for large combos to be performed. With a bit or a lot of practice, you can perform Ultra Combos and complex finishing moves on your opponent which are always fun to see.

Low score for graphics but high for action

There’s no real argument when it comes to the graphics of Killer Instinct, they’re bad and that’s that. After all, it’s been more than a decade since its release and you know how fast things evolve when it comes to games. On the plus side, Killer Instinct has been completely overhauled and released with a fresh coat of new high definition graphics and an outstandingly fluent engine.

Speaking of, the Killer Instinct version in discussion is fairly smooth when it comes to fighting. If you can put together a decent combo, the execution will be good and the animations as well.

A bit ancient but still good

Killer Instinct’s time has long ago passed but if you’re looking to revive some arcade action, it’s a great choice. There are plenty of fighters to choose from and some complicated combos to pull off.

Killer Instinct was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 9th, 2014
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