Intmaster Checkers

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Play a checkers game against the computer and see if you can win




IntMaster checkers is a powerful computerised version of the popular and classic game of international checkers. In IntMaster checkers you may play against a computer from a learner's level up to a grand master's level.

IntMaster checkers is a highly customizable game program with excellent graphics and color preferences to choose from. The player can play training games or competitive games with pause, undo and redo features supported. The game pieces can also be setup according to user preferences at startup.

Checkers is a family of games with many countries having their own set of rules for the game.

Checkers is also called draughts (pronounced as drafts) in some places. IntMaster Checkers uses international rules and is played on 100 squares on a checkered board. Play with good graphics, all colors are selectable, your own look and feel can be created.
Last updated on April 3rd, 2009
Intmaster Checkers

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