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Use grenades, rockets, godly powers and all kinds of methods to inflict damage to a digital buddy

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Interactive Buddy is a Flash powered game that uses some rather decent physics and simple mechanics to offer an amusing experience. In this game you get to pick on a digital buddy by planting explosives next to him, punching him with a giant fist, smashing him with a medieval flail and more.

The kind of buddy you need when you get really bored

Interactive Buddy starts off by offering you a fat stickfigure which you have to hurt as much as you can. Just so as to get it out of the way, this game doesn't feature any kind of explicit violence or gore, it’s all good clean Flash graphics fun.

In the beginning you have a handful of items and ways that can be used to inflict damage to your buddy. However, when you manage to make his day worse, with a fist to the face or a grenade to the feet, you get some cash. Earn enough and you can buy stuff that hurts more.

Blow up Napoleon Dynamite using using landmines

Apart from missiles, stun guns, magical orbs, a gravity shifter and more, you can also purchase different skins for your buddy. This way you can make him look like Napoleon Dynamite, Moore, a Teletubby, a democrat or a republican and other figures that might make make things a bit more enjoyable.

They also carry the voices of the characters which are depicted so that adds a bit more flavour too. What’s kind of cute is that the buddy will try to dodge incoming objects that can harm him, however, his methods of avoiding danger are not the best.

An interesting way to waste a few minutes from your day

On a closing note, Interactive Buddy is, in a strange way, rather enjoyable provided you have a soft spot for Flash games. There’s a good chance you’ll get bored with it after a few minutes but on the other hand you might spend a good couple of hours with it too.

Interactive Buddy was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 23rd, 2015
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