Hot Dog Bush

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A Flash game in which you try and help president Bush become the best hot dog vendor since its invention

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Sometime in the past, someone asked a serious question. What would Bush do if he were kicked out of the White House? Sell hot dogs of course, what else. But even so, he has to be put to the challenge because it is a tough job.

A game in which Bush actually does something for his fellow Americans

All uncalled-for statements aside, Hot Dog Bush is a casual time-management game in which you will have to prepare hot dogs and other fast food options and sell them to hungry customers. Each day you arrive at the hotdog stand you are tasked to bring in a certain amount of cash in order to win.

Mr Bush, or better yet you, have to do all the manual work that involves cooking, fixing and then serving. The catch is that there is always a steady flow of customers that come and you’ll have to do your job as fast as possible in order to get the most amount of cash. People that come for a hotdog and wait for a long time don’t tend to pay all that well.

Finish this game and you’ll be more than ready to take on a real hot dog stand

Apart from the basic dogs, as you pass each daily trial, more items will be added to your menu. So, apart from having plenty of people requesting food, you’ll have to indulge them by serving a combined menu with coffee, fries, burgers and others.

Hot Dog Bush can quickly become overwhelming since you have a lot to pay attention to. Buns and dogs can get burnt and throwing them in the trash costs you so you’ll need a good vendor strategy to pull it off without messing things up.

A nice but somewhat demanding casual game

This game would have made much more sense when Bush was president but it still works as a retirement plan. So, to sum things up, Hot Dog Bush is worth playing if you’re looking for a no-brainer that tests your eye-mouse coordination.

Hot Dog Bush was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 5th, 2015
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