Honlok 1.0.0

Enjoy the game of Honlok, a billiard game from Hong Kong

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What's new in Honlok 1.0.0:

  • Added a view function. Now you can view a playing game while waiting for other players to invite you to play.
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In this game you need to shoot all your opponent pieces into the holes before your opponent does the same. This is a billiard like game and the table is a square table with four holes around the four corners.

The players will stand opposite to each other at the table, each player will have 16 pieces. At the start of the game 14 pieces will be placed on the edge of the player and the remaining 2 pieces will be put at the corners.

Around the four corners of the table are four circles which are the shooting areas, normally a white piece is put in one of the shooting areas and the player hits the white piece with his cue to hit the other pieces.

At the start of the game each player shoots the white piece towards the centre of the table, the one who shoots the white piece closer to the centre starts the game first.

To start a round, the player puts the white piece on one of the two shooting areas on his side, and then hits the white piece with his cue so that the white piece hits his pieces on the opposite edge. Note that the cue must enter the table from his own edge and not from the two sides of the table.

The following are some special rules of the game:
- if a player shoots his opponent's pieces into the hole, then he gets extra shots based on the number of pieces he shot into the hole. For example if he shoots 3 pieces in one hit, then he gets 3 extra shots
- if you shoot your white pieces into the hole or out of the table, then you loses one shot. If you do not have any remaining shots, then your opponent gets an extra shot.
- if you shoot the opponent pieces out of the table, then that piece becomes a "small loop" and is put in the centre of the table.
-you cannot shoot the "small loop" directly with the white piece but the white piece must bounce off an edge to hit it
-if you hit your "small loop" directly, then you loses one shot and the "small loop" must be put back on to the centre
-if you hit your "small loop" but cannot move it

Last updated on November 13th, 2013


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