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This is a cool board game similar to Backgammon






This game is very similar to backgammon. In this game you need to move all your pieces around the board once and then move them out of the board. Each player has 15 pieces and they are positioned at the top right position at the start of the game.

The pieces can move in the counter clockwise direction until all of them reach the final 6 positions at the bottom right, and then you can begin to move them out of the board. The player who first moves all his pieces out wins the game.

You and your opponent will take turns to roll 2 dice, and you move 2 pieces according to the numbers rolled by the 2 dice, for example when you roll a 3 and a 4, then you move one piece 3 steps and another (or the same piece again) 4 steps. Your pieces cannot land on a position occupied by your opponent's pieces.

If you roll a double then you can play each die twice, and then play each of the succeeding doubles until 6 6. For example if you roll a double 3, then you can play 3 four times, 4 four times, 5 four times, and then 6 four times, but if you cannot play one of the doubles, then you cannot play the remaining, in this example if you cannot play all the four 4's, then you finish your turn and cannot play the four 5's and four 6's.

NOTE: To play the .air version you'll need Adobe Air.
Last updated on September 11th, 2013
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