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Global MU Online
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Global MU Online was developed in 2003 by Webzen, and since then has been enjoyed by millions of players in over 100 countries. With a level cap at 400 and over 100,000 possible item combinations, Global MU is arguably the most potent, richly developed, well supported hack and slash adventure ever created.

Gamers First is clearly in effect with Global MU Online. The game receives constant, close attention, and the MU Masters (the MM’s, Game Masters for Global MU Online) take great pride in listening to their players and responding to their feedback.

Global MU Online is free to download and completely Free2Play. Players can explore practically all of the game’s areas and experience most of the events at no cost. Premium services are available that increase the frequency of regular events, grant access to special events, and offer many game enhancements.

Community is truly amazing in Global MU Online. The game boasts a highly active and passionate group of players, and MM’s frequently interact with them both in game and in the official Forums.

The most impressive demonstration of community in Global MU Online involves the game’s unique events. The organization, planning and cooperation executed by players make this game what it is. Events such as Castle Siege span weeks, and over 1,500 players go at it in the same battle.

Global MU Online gives players a great deal of content. There are many amazing armor sets, and players are able to create 30 different builds with the five existing character classes.

With a huge global community, weather effects, character wings, mounts, and many other fantastic features, Global MU Online offers players the adventure of a lifetime.

Main features:

  • Character advancement – Complete the quests to find the Emperor’s Scroll and advance from Dark Knight to Blade Knight, Fairy Elf to Muse Elf, or Dark Wizard to Soul Master. Unlock other character classes and explore the different builds that make each character unique.
  • PvP and Outlaw System- Outside safe zones (i.e. towns) PvP can occur anywhere. However, an established Outlaw system publicly ousts PKers (innocent player killers) by changing the colors of their names. Players can then band to kill Outlaws without penalty and even get chances to earn Hero status and pick up the Outlaws’ loot.
  • Chaos System – Armor and weapons can be put into the Chaos Machine to increase their power resulting in over 100,000 ways to combine game items.
  • Guild and Alliance System - Training in a guild, a player can gain more experience and make new friends. Band with Alliances, and guilds become much more powerful.

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Global MU Online
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