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An easy to use tool that enables gamers to modify game memory so you can apply a little bit of cheating







ArtMoney is a lightweight tool that can be used to edit game memory so you can manipulate content such as gold, hit points, items and so on.

The application does so by searching for a hex address which is based on the value/information you give, and when you find it, a simple modification does the trick. You do you do however need to keep in mind that a search of this kind can generate tens or hundreds of results, meaning that you will have to further filter through them.

ArtMoney displays a user-friendly interface which should be easy enough to use by anyone who understands the principle at hand and a little coding. The application features: 7 different methods to search for values, 3 methods to search for pointers, 12 data types can be searched for at a time, multi-core processor use, 4 types of rounding methods and much more.

Game memory is often delicate and should be handled by those who have at least a bit of experience. If you plan on using ArtMoney, be sure to create a backup of the game or your savefiles and consult the user manual before you start editing memory.
Last updated on January 6th, 2015
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