Frog Leap

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Solve a little puzzle that involves six frogs and seven stones in this little Flash game

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Frog Leap is a Flash powered game that faces you with an apparently simple puzzle. Your challenge is to switch the positions of six frogs while moving only one at a time.

Something very simple to have fun with

There are six frogs, three male and three female, and each one stands on its own rock that’s just peeking through the surface of the water. Seven stones are present in the puzzle and they are all aligned next to each other.

You have to make the frogs jump from one stone to another, one frog over another in a sequence that makes it possible to swap the positions of all the frogs. The make frogs need to be on the right side and the females on the right.

A very simple solution that’s waiting to be spotted

There’s no gameplay or features to speak of apart from clicking the frogs you want to jump and the presence of a reset button for when you get stuck. If you don’t figure it out right away, there are only so many combinations you can try until you find the solution.

Either way, it’s a nice little test to take and see how quick you can solve the puzzle. And while you’re at it, why not delight yourself with some funny looking frogs.

Good to share with those who don’t know it yet

To wrap it up, Frog Leap is a nice little game to share with friends or kids who don’t know it and have a bit of fun while watching how they stumble in trying to find the solution.

Frog Leap was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 18th, 2015
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