Friendly-Strike 3

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An arena based arcade game that supports up to four players and allows them to blast each other to pieces

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Friendly-Strike 3 is a 2D arena style game meant to offer you and three other buddies the chance to shoot each other with a wide range of weapons. There are tons of levels to choose from, each one with a distinct look, you get over 40 weapons to use from and probably the best feature of all, rounds are short.

Easy to pick up gameplay that’s a little bit of fun

In Friendly-Strike 3 you and three other friends can enter in one of the tens of arenas and shoot one another until one emerges victorious. The arenas a small in size, the rounds end quick, and the shooting rarely stops, all of which are good things.

Controls are a easy to learn, and gameplay is mastered after a few rounds but having four people crammed next to each other playing on the same keyboard is a bit too much. Sure, it works when the players are under 12 but there are 30-year-olds who enjoy these types of games and if two of them are large gentlemen then you have a problem.This setback, however, has a simple solution, online play. There are a few servers that are active but you can create your own in case you want to have a private game. Or, if you have no friends, you can play against AI opponents.

It’s cute and all but it lacks personality

When it comes to design, Friendly-Strike 3 looks fairly basic. There’s not much to it and, unfortunately, that also translates and applies to the gameplay. Apart from the amusement of running around after each other and standing close to an enemy and missing every shot, the game is rather anticlimactic.

It can be fun, there’s no denying that, especially when you play it with at least one more person, but it just lacks spunk. It’s dynamic, but not really.


To wrap it up, Friendly-Strike 3 is an ok game if you want to try something out with a friend or two, or alone. However, the arena-based platformer genre scene has plenty of better offers to show.

Friendly-Strike 3 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 23rd, 2015
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