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Holdem Bot's 'brain' is trained on over 200,000 games of hand history.





How does Holdem Bot come to a decision?
Holdem Bot calculates your chance to win and compares it to the pot odds. On the basis of this comparison it comes to a decision that you can then follow.

How does Holdem Bot calculate my chances to win?
When Holdem Bot (HB) has collected information about your cards, your position, your opponents' bets etc, the calculations may begin. The betting pattern of the first opponent is fed into the neural network, which is trained to assume the probability of an opponent's 101 subsequent hand strengths (0%-100%). HB performs this procedure for all opponents and pick out only the 1-3 strongest opponents. HB stores these values into a hand-strength probability-table.

Now, it's feasible to calculate the probability that an opponent has a certain pocket hand. For example, if we suppose that our opponent has JJ in the Flop, and calculate that he at this moment would have a handstrength of 30%, then we can, thanks to the hand-strength probability-table, find out the probability of our opponent having JJ. HB iterates these comparisions with all the remaining cards and generates a card probability-table for the 1-3 strongest opponents.

Finally HB has just one, but still very complex procedure left; to evaluate all possible card outcomes, for the strongest opponents and for the next betting round. All outcomes for an opponent are weighted proportionally with the card probability-table. The result is calculated with the formula; Win-Loss+Tie/2 divided by all outcomes. The result - an accurate value of your chances to win.
Last updated on April 24th, 2007
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