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A game where spacecraft flight simulation, economic management and teamwork come together.
Free Allegiance
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This cult-classic has challenged and entertained some of the best online gamers for over a decade. This is the best free game you've never heard of. This is Allegiance.

Allegiance is a real-time space simulator that offers a dynamic multiplayer experience: Intense interstellar combat Versatile games dependent on alien races and technological paths Team-dependent triumph and defeat Each game, teams are led by a single commander who makes tactical decisions and invests in technology and bases. 

Meanwhile, players pilot spacecraft (from small one-man vessels to large capital ships), as a team trying to gain victory through various means, such as destroying or capturing all enemy bases, or eliminating the enemy's will to fight. 

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Free Allegiance
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4 Screenshots
Free AllegianceFree AllegianceFree Allegiance

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