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Use explosions to move your character to the end of the level and take out the enmies

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Movement is an important part of platformers, because it’s basically the main ingredient of the gameplay. Hence, it’s vital that players are able to properly control the character and move around the levels, otherwise the challenge becomes a lot more frustrating. Usually, characters just run or walk, but there are much more fun ways to move.

Detonate bombs to move around the levels

Forces of Power is more of a puzzle game than a platformer, but it’s not even a complete game anyway, so the genre is less important.The goal is to reach the end of the level by any means necessary, but since you cannot use the keyboard to move like in most video games, alternative methods are required. In this case, explosions seem like the obvious choice, which is exactly what you have to use.

By using your mouse, it is possible to detonate a bomb near the character and send him flying through the air, only to reach the designated spot on the map. To make matters more interesting, you are allowed to control the power of the blast, and thus the distance your character travels after you detonate it. On the other hand, everything else about the game is excruciatingly simple and lackluster.

Terrible level design and unrefined mechanics

Even if the underlying concept and idea might seem fun and exciting, the actual game is far from fun. The entire thing can barely classify as a video game, and it lacks even the most basic elements to be accepted as one. In addition, while the explosion mechanics are not very bad by themselves, there are many bugs and inconveniences that stop you from enjoying the experience.

By far the most annoying part is the fact that the level design is almost entirely absent, given the fact that all you can see is a bunch of dull colors and a few platforms. The game feels more like a simulation software used by engineers to test things, rather than something to be enjoyed by regular people. In addition, there are very few levels to begin with, although that’s where the demo part can be used as an excuse.

Plenty of work left to be done

In the end, Forces of Power is hopefully nothing more than the blueprint for an actual game, because it is hard to believe someone would consider it anything more. Hence, unless you need an idea for gameplay mechanics, this is hardly something you would want to subject yourself to.

Forces of Power Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 31st, 2015
Forces of Power Demo - One of the levels requires you to avoid disturbing another character.Forces of Power Demo - Enemies can be destroyed using boulders.Forces of Power Demo - The level design is seriously lackluster in some cases.

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