Floculus Bird

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If you like Flappy Bird and you've wondered how it would look when played with Oculus Rift, here's your chance!




Floculus Bird is a remake of the famous Flappy Bird game where your task it to guide a bird through a series of pillars. The pillars have a small opening and you must pass through the opening without touching the pillar.

It's a one button game (flap the bird's wings using spacebar) that is best played using the Oculus Rift device. If you try it without the Oculus Rift, the screen will be split in two (vertically).

The game, as the original, is quite frustrating and after a lot of work you'll be able to pass a score of 10.
Last updated on February 12th, 2014
Floculus Bird - Flap your wings while trying to pass through the pillarsFloculus BirdFloculus Bird

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