Five Hundred 1.1.0

Play Five Hundred with Australian or Canadian rules by using this user-friendly multiplication

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Louis-Pierre Page
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Five HundredFive HundredFive HundredFive Hundred
Five Hundred is a lightweight piece of software that allows people to play solo or multiplayer matchups of the card game with the same name. It provides everything you need to start a casual game against AI opponents or players from around the world without having to worry about any kind of complicated process.

Simple and straightforward interface to make things easy

From a first glance, Five Hundred makes it pretty clear that it will not complicate your game in any way. It displays a user-friendly interface which is separated into two large sections, one that represents the playing surface, and the other with access to game commands and options.

With a click of a button you get all your ten cards neatly displayed in front of you and once you are ready to go, you can start betting. It’s also very easy to place your bet, choose the trump, skip a bet and discard cards.

Play by the standard rules or customize them

The first time you run Five Hundred you are given the option to choose between Australian or Canadian rules. It’s not a one time thing, you can switch between them anytime you want to by going to the Rules section from the game’s options.

Apart from that, you can also customize rules for decks, the Joker, betting, Misere, Inkle, scoring and more. Like with the rest of it, it’s all very simple and straightforward as long as you’re familiar with the core rules.

When it comes to multiplayer, Five Hundred loses a few points because its server is mostly offline so you have to patiently wait your turn.

A good app for Five Hundred players

On a closing note, Five Hundred is a decent application to have around for those days when you want to play a bit.

Five Hundred was reviewed by , last updated on February 10th, 2015


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