Fire Boy and Water Girl

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Play with two different characters at one in this cool game!

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Arcade games are mainly meant to test your reflexes and puzzle games are intended to present you with complex problems that require an extra dose of creativity. Once in a while, you get a game that mixes the two into one great experience. Introducing Fire Boy and Water Girl.

A simple and clever concept

In this game, you have two tiny and very cute characters which you have guide through a series of mazes and help them solve a couple of puzzles. The two are, as the title of the game describes, elemental children of fire and water and you have to make sure that they both get to the next level safe and sound.

Fire Boy isn’t allowed to touch water and Water Girl, well you’ve guessed it and if any of the two perishes, you have to restart the level. The fun part about it all is that you get two sets of controls for each one and in some cases you have to control them at the same time while they are in different positions in the level. Ambidextrous people, this one is for you!

Neat levels and animations

Fire Boy and Water Girl is that kind of game which relies on simplicity and well thought gameplay. Controls are simple, just direction keys for the little ones, though controlling them is something different and as you progress throughout the game, its mechanics constantly seem to surprise you.

Fire Boy and Water Girl need to help each other out through the levels, one sits on a pad to lower a bridge while the other crosses, or another might push a block of stone to set off an elevator for the other. There are a lot of scenarios like the above and the player can really grasp the importance and creativity in teamwork.

A wonderful arcade game

To wrap it up, there’s really no say in it, Fire Boy and Water Girl is a great little game. It can guarantee a good dose of fun for the little ones and relax the heck out of an older audience.

Fire Boy and Water Girl was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 11th, 2014
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