Fashion Designer New York

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Create fashionable outfits from a wide range of clothes and show them off at fashion shows

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Fashion Designer New York is here for every girl or boy who wants to play dress up. It’s a Flash powered game in which you get to choose a design studio and put together a few outfits for various fashion shows.

Test your fashion sense against that of the game’s creators

In Fashion Designer New York each of the four studios will allow you to use clothes that are unique to them. You have three models to work with and each one needs to have a different style. You have to create three outfits, one casual, one dressy and one professional using only the clothing items that are provided.

Editing or customizing them is not possible so your options are rather limited. Also, since the game is not connected to any kind of fashion database that gets updated by the year or season, your fashion sense will be correlated to that of the game’s creators or advisors. The outfits you put together will be judged by the game’s algorithm so a real sense of appreciation is absent.

Play dress up all you want

Fashion Designer New York is a nice waste of time or it could be a game in which to train your color coordination skills. Each of the studios offers a good deal of tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories to use. There will be a good amount of variety to experiment with.

You also get to add makeup and choose a hairstyle before you are ready to unveil your creations. When doing so, your outfits are rated and critiqued and you get a score based on the results.


On a closing note, Fashion Designer New York is a casual game that’s well suited for girls who want to spend some time swapping clothes until they get inspired in real life.

Fashion Designer New York was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 4th, 2015
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