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A cool horror adventure game with a sophisticated gameplay.





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Eyes is a new horror adventure game that differs from the other typical Slender-like horror titles bringing a more engaging and strategic approach to reach your goal.

Your task is to collect money bags while using a proper strategy to avoid the ghost antagonist that tries to stop you. All sorts of paranormal phenomena will occur around the player (e.g. randomly moving furnitures, clattering plates, tormenting moanings) that may indicate the presence of the ghost in proximity.

A cool new feature is that the player can use Eye collectibles to share vision with the ghost for a brief moment and identify its position and movement, which helps in making strategic decisions.

Game rules are flexible enough to allow different playstyles depending on preferences (e.g. a dynamic, luck-based speedrun or a stealthy, cautious crawl).

The gameplay is unique every time due to the randomizing of both the ghost's rout and the exact location of collectibles.
Last updated on April 20th, 2013
Eyes - Explore your surroundings using only a flashlight.Eyes - Look around closely and find as many money bags as possible.Eyes - screenshot #3Eyes - screenshot #4Eyes - screenshot #5Eyes - screenshot #6

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