Earthworm Jim

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A wild and wacky platform shooter which has you controlling a fierce worm who is set on a rampage

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There is that handful of platformers from the 90s which have made history and remained a part of it for the generations that have followed. One of them is Earthworm Jim, a game that has earned its fame thanks to the unique character and world he wandered through.

Cartoon like graphics that are close to perfect

Earthworm Jim is an ordinary worm who ends up possessing a special suit that gives him great mobility and agility. He can jump high in the air, climb cliffs and even use his worm body as a whip to defeat his foes.

The hero is designed using graphics that make the entire game feel as if you're playing inside a cartoon. It’s one of the distinct features that have made Earthworm Jim stand out from other platormers and offered its players a truly enjoyable experience.

A bunch of fun mechanics

Throughout the game Jim will be put to traverse distinct and hostile environments that are full of creatures which are after his suit. Not only will you have to face them in direct combat, but you will also have to use a lot of the environment around you to dodge some of them.

On some occasions you will ride a hamster into battle or pilot spaceship through a labyrinthic canyon. There is a rich variety in how Jim walks and interacts with the world around him and not one moment will there be dullness from not having who to shoot with your gun.

Action-packed platformer

Earthworm Jim’s time has passed a long time ago but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great game today. In fact, you’ll probably find it to be more creative and complicated than a lot of more recent releases for the same genre.

The bottom line is, you have to try it to enjoy it.

Earthworm Jim was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 29th, 2014
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