Earn to Die

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Drive through hordes of flesh-eating monster in this driving survival game. Enjoy!

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In recent years a lot of attention has been given to zombies, making them one of the most used enemies in a lot of games regardless of their genre. They have been shot at with bullets of all calibers, sliced to pieces and detonated into oblivion and yet the funnest way to kill them is to run them over with your car. Which is exactly what you will be doing this entire game.

Buy a car, upgrade it and drive into battle

The goal in Earn to Die is very simple, you buy a car and you drive it through a canyon landscape and run down any zombie you encounter until you reach the rescue helicopter. It’s a simple concept, easy to play and loads of fun as the terrain is anything but car friendly and causes your vehicle to jump and transform into a huge cannonball, dismembering them zombies on impact.

In Earn to Die, controls are simple, you use the up and down arrow keys to accelerate or brake and the left and right ones to balance the vehicle while you are in the air. The latter part of the mechanics is the most important factor in the entire game as you will have to master your landings so the you get maximum grip and acceleration.

Upgrade your car with rocket boosters and miniguns

Since your everyday car won’t do the job, as you make your way across the land and kill zombies, you are rewarded with money which you can spend to upgrade multiple parts of your car. You can get a bigger engine, tires with more grip, a better transmission, fit a rocket engine to the back for extra boost and even mount a powerful gun on the hood.

A fun game for all ages

On a closing note, Earn to Die is exactly the side scroller arcade game you want to play when you want to spend a couple of hours getting huge jumps in a semi truck that looks as if it’s ready for the Apocalypse. Moreover, after you finish the campaign, the game also provides a challenge mode you can try out.

Earn to Die was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 18th, 2014
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