Dragon Fist 3

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A fighting simulator with over twenty warriors to choose from and fight to the end

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Dragon Fist 3 is a Flash powered fighting simulator that has you dueling as one of the many characters it has to offer. It can be played in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes and it also comes with a character editor.

Over twenty unique characters to choose from and fight

Dragon Fist 3 provides a wide range of martial arts experts to fight as. Each one has his or her own look and although they share the same main moves, they look different from fighter to fighter.

Apart from using fists and kicks, each warrior is specialized in using a certain weapon, spear, sword, dual broadsword and so on. The weapons can be thrown at your adversary or used to do serious damage. If the weapon is knocked out of your hands, you can pick it back up and you can do the same with your enemy’s weapon.

Simple gameplay for anyone to enjoy

In terms of controls, Dragon Fist 3 doesn’t really compete with other more popular fighting simulators. There are only three keys to use for attacks and you can combine them with movement controls to create combos. Most of them are of three hits but if you draw your weapon and start fighting, a combo can go over twenty hits.

Fighting isn’t all that spectacular but movement is fluent and the controls are fairly responsive. As far as animations go, keep in mind that this is a rather old Flash game so you can’t really expect much from it. It’s ok for a game of its type and make but if you’re looking for a serious simulator, there are better options although this one is pretty fun to have around.

Master your three button technique

As a whole, Dragon Fist 3 is a basic game with basic gameplay that is best suited for people who are looking for a casual experience. It doesn't offer much but a good couple of minutes can certainly be found with it.

Dragon Fist 3 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 22nd, 2014
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