Dragon Ball Z RPG

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A lightweight game in which you get to fight the most powerful fighters from the DBZ series

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Dragon Ball Z RPG is a little game that is built to pay tribute to the legendary anime series that is Dragon Ball Z. The term RPG in the title is a bit of overkill since the game doesn't really come with the required features to situate it in that genre.

Fight as Goku and see that he defeats all of his adversaries

The game offers you a number of 10 rounds in which you have to battle the most powerful adversaries which Goku faces throughout the series. In simple RPG combat style, you will face Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza, Android 19, Cell and Buu.

Each fighter takes turns in performing an action and the battle ends when one is defeated. Goku has his set of well known skills and powers that he can use in each battle. He can perform a melee attack, use a Ki Blast as well as his signature Kamehameha. Along the way, as you encounter more powerful fighters, new abilities such as Spirit Bomb and Warp Kamehameha are unlocked.

Simple turn-based fights that are too slow to be from Dragon Ball

All-in-all, Dragon Ball Z RPG is nice but it’s more of a tribute to the series. A kind of a thing. It really doesn't offer any real challenges and besides waiting patiently to do the same thing every fight there’s nothing else to it.

Sound effects are absent and fans will know that Goku’s screams of anger are just as important as the sounds made by punches, energy blasts and mountains crumbling down. In terms of atmosphere, it has a nice soundtrack, but that’s just about it.

A decent experience for DBZ fans

On a closing note, Dragon Ball Z RPG is a playable game. There’s not much to it and gameplay is brutally tedious but if you want to see the epic fighters in a pixel art form, then it’s surely going to put a smile on your face.

Dragon Ball Z RPG was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 20th, 2015
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