Downhill Snowboard 2

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Ride down slopes and get the big score by performing some tricks in this 2D Flash game

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Downhill Snowboard 2 is a 2D Flash game that lets you ride some mean slopes. As you can tell from the title, you will be riding downhill, on a snowboard but what you don’t learn from it is that you can also do tricks.

Just as casual as it is awkward

Since Downhill Snowboard 2 is built using Flash, you generally can’t expect much and this one is a clear confirmation of that theory. It looks OK but it’s still built using simple shapes that don’t necessarily make it appealing.

Totally awkward is the way the rider looks while going downhill. The animation finds itself close to what ragdoll model implies but the rider seems to have some low quality springs in his legs, waist and arms joints. It really looks weird while playing but you can actually consider that as part of the game’s personal charm.

Gameplay that becomes fun when you realize that this game is not to be taken seriously

In Downhill Snowboard 2 you get a handful of keys that you can use to balance or rotate the rider in one of two directions, you can make him jump, grab the front or the back of the board and there’s also a reset button for when you mess up.

The slopes come at different angles and with varying structures, some provide more jump opportunities than others and you have to take advantage of every little bump. Less than a handful can be used to count the tricks you can do which are front or backflips with the occasional railing slide.

One that’s best kept on your hard drive for really boring days

All in all, if you want to amuse yourself with an ‘OK but not really’ game, you can try Downhill Snowboard 2. It’s amusing thanks to how things work and it will just might raise the question of how does the first version look like.

Downhill Snowboard 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 16th, 2015
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