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A fan-made version of Donkey Kong which aims to offer a new perspective on the game

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This Donkey Kong is a fan made version, or rather interpretation, of the popular title with the same name. In this version you still play Donkey Kong and you have to go after King K. Rool who stole the banana hoard.

Very basic graphics that strangely enough, don’t look all that terrible

Donkey Kong seems to have been drawn in paint and animated with a maximum of 3 frames per second. It’s kind of the old-school platformer but drawn by a child who really loves Donkey Kong, or an adult that actually wanted this relaxed and childish look to it.

Donkey Kong looks like he should, the crocodiles, well, not so much but you won’t have any problems in figuring out who they are. As far as world design goes, it’s a blend of basic bitmaps with some pixel art that somehow fits together and manages to create some charm.

Simple gameplay and mechanics to enjoy

When it comes to gameplay, you get to go into a direction and jump. That’s about it but it is a platformer and that is expected. Controls are quite responsive but the game seems to have a good deal of bugs. It crashes a lot.

In terms of difficulty, Donkey Kong is challenging in a basic form and at times, when you reach the exit to a level, the game exits for good. A restart might be required but if that happens more than once, you can press ‘Q’ to swap worlds. Not sure if that’s a failsafe button but it works.

A last resort for Donkey Kong fans

On a closing note, don’t get your hopes up when it comes to this Donkey Kong. It’s a fan made game that has plenty of flaws in terms of design as well as mechanics. However, if curiosity is one of your qualities, there’s no harm in trying it out.

Donkey Kong was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 27th, 2015
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