Dino Run

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Play as little raptor who's running for his life to avoid that dreaded thing called extinction

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Dino Run is a speedrun game that teaches you a bit about how dinosaurs became extinct. In this little game you will take on the role of a fairly small raptor who needs to run for his prehistoric life to avoid being killed by the erupting volcanoes and tons of other dangers.

Run little raptor run, but feel free to eat a few smaller dinosaurs along the way

In Dino Run, in theory, things are really simple. You have the arrow keys to control the raptor and you need to keep running to the right side of the screen until you complete each level. The controls won’t give you any problems and neither will the gameplay because that too is fairly simple in concept.

The fun and difficulty of the game come from the randomness of how things happen. When you play it for the first time you’ll barely be able to predict what lays ahead of you. Crashing into large boulders that are rolling down the hill, bumping into stegosaurus and being dragged away by pterodactyls is something that will happen quite often.

The one thing you need to master in this game will be timing, not the jump itself. Jumping at the right time is everything and it can cost or win you precious escape seconds.

Upgrade your raptor with DNA and hats

As run for your life, you can eat eggs and little dinosaurs that think they can outrun you. In doing so you get DNA which can be spent on improving your raptor. Speed, acceleration, jump and strength can all be enhanced provided you find a lot of DNA, and super eggs.

The game also comes with a multiplayer mode in which you can race against other players. The gameplay is the same though, run so you don’t get burnt to a crisp, but it is a lot more fun when you actually feel that you are in a race.

A casual game that’s always nice to play

To wrap it up, Dino Run is by all means a good game. It uses a simple concept and wraps it into a retro look to give it that extra piece of ‘interesting’. On top of all, gameplay is fun and not so easy to master.

Dino Run was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 29th, 2015
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