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A fun and challenging Breakout-style game based on the popular Amiga game Megaball.

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DX-Ball is one of the most popular ball-and-paddle arcade games ever made for PC. It’s based on a very simple principle and offers tons of fun for those who enjoy this genre thanks to its large number of levels, each one unique and more challenging than the previous.

Arcade at its finest

The goal of the game is to clear the screen of existing blocks that come in various colors and forms using a ball which you strike with a paddle that can only move on a horizontal axis. Sounds simple enough and it actually is, until the level structure start to become more complex.

There are blocks that need a single hit to be removed while others take more, or even require hitting from a certain angle. Some blocks are initially indestructible and others simply can’t be hit out of pure bad luck because the ball might not follow the trajectory you need it to.

Powerups to help you along or make things worse

DX-Ball aims to make things interesting from the beginning and keeps them that way until you complete the game. Since watching a ball move at an average speed hitting one or two blocks every 10 seconds might make you yawn, DX-Ball introduces powerups which serve a variety of purposes.

There are 18 powerups to collect and they can split your ball into three pieces, convert it into a fireball, make it move faster, increase the size of your paddle and so on. Apart from the good stuff, the blocks you destroy can also release powerups that can mess up your game if you don’t avoid them.

Plenty of levels to play

When it comes to casual arcade games, DX-Ball is a great example. It’s not hard to play but it has its annoying moments but most importantly it’s colorful and entertaining.

DX-Ball was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 10th, 2014
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