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Play as a little crypt raider who's on the search for mysterious artifacts to take

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Crypt Raider is a tiny Flash powered game that has you stealing, or borrowing, some strange blue artifacts from underground crypts. The game challenges you to take the spheres away from the tombs after solving some puzzles and dodging various hostile monsters.

Thinking things through always pays off in this game

Initially, Crypt Raider faces you with some pretty simple mazes with straightforward solutions. Those are more of a silent and self-though tutorial so you can get used to the mechanics of the game, which by the way, are very easy to pick up on.

Controls are simple, as you will only be using the arrow keys to point the little adventurer in the right direction. Apart from those, you also get a little self-destruct button for cases in which you manage to mess things up beyond repair. That will certainly happen on several occasions.

Simple and enjoyable puzzles to solve on each level

Crypt Raider is meant to be a puzzle game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. For this reason it makes a fair compromise in terms of difficulty. Each level challenges you but not to a great extent.

Before you get to push a ball in the teleporter, you will have to open locked doors by collecting keys, make sure that giant bugs won’t kill you and also dodge dynamite explosions. All of these are present together in most levels and they really do make things tough. However, thinking three steps ahead will always pay off because you get three lives for the entire game and losing all of them means you have to restart the game all over again. Unless you write down the level codes and enter them when you want to play.

Good clean fun for anyone

To wrap it up, Crypt Raider is a nice game to play if you’re in the mood for solving some puzzles. It’s well made, it looks nice and it’s easy to play.

Crypt Raider was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 29th, 2015
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