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A Flash puzzle game that gets you thinking about how to save fruit from bad coulds

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Cover Orange 2 is a nice casual puzzle game in which you have to defend some oranges and apples from the angry hail cloud that wants to harm them. Each level you will have to use a number of ordinary objects to find a way to protect the fruit from the danger that comes from high above.

A well thought out puzzle game with plenty to offer

Your job is to make sure that the little innocent fruit is protected from the dangerous sprocket looking hail storm. Every level you are given a number of crates, a couple of wheels or a barrel and your job is to figure out how to use them with the environment to cover the oranges and apples so that they don’t get hurt.

Each stage you come across is different so no two solutions ever apply the same way. At times there are bombs to use, pendulums to activate and at one point you even have to shoot an orange out of a cannon and into a bird’s nest. Cover Orange 2 comes at you with some pretty creative levels and solutions.

A funny game worth a lot of smiles

Cover Orange 2 is a very colorful game that mostly aims to put a smile on your face, and then challenges your mind. The orange and apple make funny sounds when the cloud appears, they pray that they survive and they celebrate and thank your for your help every time you succeed.

Even the way some of the mechanics and puzzles work are sure to bring a smile on your face because a lot of them might turn out having a different solution than that which you initially envision.

Interesting puzzles to share with amusing protagonists

On a closing note, Cover Orange 2 is a really nice game to play whenever you’re looking for a fun and mind challenging puzzle game. It’s something you can play alone to pass some time, or share with your kids.

Cover Orange 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 27th, 2015
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