Counter-Strike 2D

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If you ever wanted to play the utterly popular Counter-Strike FPS from a 2D perspective, you should try this game

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Counter-Strike 2D is an interesting little game that transposes the popular first-person shooter into a top-view, 2D one. Your mission in the game remains exactly the same, join either the terrorist force or the counter-terrorist squad and plant the bomb or defuse it.

A copy of Counter-Strike, with one less aiming axis to worry about

Everything you know about creating a server and joining one or even adding bots is just like in the first-person shooter. The controls are exactly the same except for the fact that you will be using a top-view of your guy which means you will have to reacquaint yourself with everything you know about aiming.

At first it’s strange and it takes you a couple of rounds to get used to the visibility range and general map movement. Although, once you’re done, you can start aiming and shooting the right way.

Enjoy the same sound effects and the same weapons

Counter-Strike 2D uses the exact same sounds effects for weapons, grenades and footsteps as in the first-person version but that’s where the similarities stop. In this game you can’t speak about weapon behavior when it comes to aiming and you don’t get to jump over obstacles.

The maps you play are exact copies of the real thing but they tend to be less fun when for example, using a sniper rifle you can't look farther away than the main window permits it. Basically, you’re left with a game that sounds like Counter-Strike but looks like a better version of Grand Theft Auto 2, only without the cars and innocent bystanders.

A nicely presented idea and a fun concept

Counter-Strike 2D might not be much at a first glance, it’s less engaging and with almost none of the first-person shooter’s excitement but if you’re looking to try something different with your friends, it'll be worth your time.

Counter-Strike 2D was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 25th, 2015
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