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A Nintendo emulated platformer that continues the Contra series with yet another fight against powerful alines

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Contra 4 is the action-packed 2D platformer that delivers so much shooting Rambo would be impressed. Once again, the awesome commandos have to push back another alien invasion, obviously from a race that has never heard of the previous failed attempts.

Non-stop shooting, dodging, jumping and more shooting

Contra 4 is that kind of platformer that’s built to be intense. It won’t cut you any slack and you won’t be able to slack off for even a second, in fact, taking your finger off of the fire button is something you’ll be doing the least of. The game won’t stop throwing monsters for you to shoot.

You will fight in underground facilities, giant waterfalls, on the burning engines of a giant rocket that’s plummeting towards the ground and a lot more places. The character you choose will still have the opportunity to carry and switch between two weapons and upgrade them when the power up is found. Also, ammo is infinite, obviously.

Excellent game design and gameplay

Whether it’s the first or the latest, the Contra series has always managed to deliver wonderfully crafted worlds and epic looking bosses. There’s no denying that games such as Contra 4 will always have a special place in the hearts of those who love Sci Fi.

At times the game offers a dose of pseudo 3D gameplay in the form of bonus rounds, they certainly do add a bit of extra charm and diversify things. However, for Contra 4, 2D is the way to go, it’s almost perfect.

One of those games you get addicted to and feel good after completing

Contra 4 is great if not more than that. It’s said to be the title that brought back the Contra series to its former glory. Also ‘Best Action Game’ award didn’t come without merit, it’s one you have to play.

Contra 4 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 22nd, 2015
Contra 4Contra 4

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