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Discover a parallel universe inside a super computer and fight evil to prevent the destruction of the world

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Code Lyoko is an action adventure game with a great setting and a good story behind it. It’s about a group of students who are recruited by a binary entity from a parallel universe who they must help to stop an evil virus from destroying that world and Earth.

Have a grand adventure in a virtual world

The gameplay is a fusion between point and click and 3D platformer. The first focuses on delivering the storyline of the game through character interaction and dialogue, while the second provides the virtual world exploration and fighting.

It’s a really nice combination that uses both genres to their full potential and together help to offer a great time. Visually, you can’t expect too much since you’re using an emulation of the Nintendo DS intended game. It’s totally playable on a PC but the experience is far from being authentic, but at least you can enjoy a well built game.

Gameplay that’s made to offer plenty of challenges

In the virtual world of Lyoko, things are very different. From simple students, Odd, Yumi, Ulrich and Aelita, become fierce fighters with unique skills that can be improved through upgrades. Code Lyoko also adds in a bit of RPG as you are able to purchase new equipment for each of the heroes, they evolve through combat experience and you even have quests to complete.

It really is a game that manages to successfully blend in a good deal of features from other genres and wraps them in a good story that’s acted out by interesting characters.


There is a lot more to say about Code Lyoko, we haven’t dug into the details of it. However, that is not necessary. If you’re into Nintendo games and are a fan of the cartoon series with the same name, then this is a game you should play.

Code Lyoko was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 27th, 2015
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