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Enjoy a brand new fighting game that will allow you travel across the world fighting worthy opponents

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Chaos Faction 2 is a nice mixture of the arcade, fighting and platformer genres, all mashed up into a very fun game. The goal is very simple, win all the battles against the multitude of adversaries that are put before you.

Cartoon-like graphics that put a smile on your face

Even though Chaos Faction 2 is a fighting game, you won’t see blood, dismemberment or any kind of gore. It’s kept neat, clean and with emphasis on the comical sides of a fight.

At the beginning of the game you get to choose from a few fighters which you can customize to a great extent and as you progress, more and more characters and items are unlocked and made available to you.

Apart from customizing your guy and saving him as a new character, the game also allows you to create your own arenas where you can test your skills against AI or a human opponent.

Fight using punches, kicks, shotguns and chickens

Depending on the game mode you engage in, the win depends on different things. In campaign mode for example, you have to share the arena with a fellow fighter and see who gets the most kills on the two critters that randomly spawn.

It’s a race against time and each other to gather points and things get really interesting when weapons of all kind start appearing in the arena, waiting to be picked up and put to no good use. Chaos Faction 2 is very dynamic, unlike many other fighting games, if you’re not totally focused, you might not see half the punches coming your way or miss out on a lot of kills.

Moreover, it’s full of fun combos to perform and lots of ‘plot twists’ in which you feel great about having a chainsaw in your hands and as as you make two steps a zombie takes you out with a shotgun.

Entertaining from second 1

Chaos Faction 2 is loads of fun and becomes almost addictive once you get used to the controls. Yes, those are the game’s weak point because not only do they take a while to master, in a lot of cases when you just want to throw a punch or two, you simply end up slipping off the arena thanks to that thing called inertia.

Other than that, it’s worth a serious shot.

Chaos Faction 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 11th, 2014
Chaos Faction 2Chaos Faction 2Chaos Faction 2

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