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Cave Chaos is a 2D puzzle game which has a similar playing style to the classic Boulder Dash.





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After wanting to add many new sprites to Cave Chaos 1 and making more levels to use the sprites, I decided to release this as a sequel rather than an upgrade. Cave Chaos 2 may first appear to be the same as the original, as it uses the same shell but has many new features to enjoy in the many hours of gameplay to come.

Here are some key features of "Cave Chaos 2":

Over 36 new sprites including teleporters, control switches, different kinds of rocks/jewels and more.
120 levels from Easy to Insane. The original 90 levels are also included, making 210 levels, not including multiplayer and extra downloads.
1, 2, 3 or 4 player support.
Redesigned engine for bug eradication and faster performance.
More level graphics and now includes sound effects.
Last updated on July 14th, 2006
Cave Chaos 2 - screenshot #1Cave Chaos 2 - screenshot #2Cave Chaos 2 - screenshot #3

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