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Trapped inside an old bunker you will have to explore the place and find your way out

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Bunker16 is a creepy exploration game in which you find yourself trapped inside an old military bunker with little chance of getting out. With the door closed shut, you will now have to explore this strange bunker and find a way to escape.

Explore Bunker16

The game puts you in the shoes of Peter Reed, a simple man who took shelter in an abandoned bunker in order to escape a massive thunderstorm. Unfortunately, as soon as you stepped into the bunker, the door closed shut trapping you inside.

Luckily, you have your headlamp with you as well as some food and a little bit of water that won't last you much, but it should come in handy as you try to find your way out of the bunker. Keep in mind that your headlamp's batteries won't last forever, so you'd better find a way to escape this place before that happens.

As you start exploring the bunker you'll soon find out that another man called George Walker was also trapped in here for a while, but in order to find out more about his experience you will have to explore every room and search for the notes he left behind.

Escape from the bunker

Apparently the bunker door has a keyhole, but no sight of the key nor of an alternate emergency exit or window large enough to fit through. With this as your starting point, you'll now have to turn the place upside down and find that key as fast as possible if you don't want to rot in this place.

As you thoroughly search the bunker, you will stumble upon more notes left behind by George that speak about his attempts of escaping this place. Follow his instructions closely and try to find your way out before it's too late.

Bunker16 is a short exploration game set in an eerie location which gives the impression that something bad is going to happen at every corner. The quietness of the place combined with the sound of the rain outside adds to the atmosphere and will begin to freak you out after a few minutes, giving the impression of solitude and a vague feeling that you might not be able to get out in time. Will you manage to escape?

Bunker16 was reviewed by Cosmin Anton
Last updated on April 10th, 2014
Bunker16 - From the main screen you can quickly start a new game.Bunker16 - Find a way to open the bunker's door and escape this creepy place.Bunker16 - Thoroughly search each room and try to find the key that opens the door.Bunker16 - screenshot #4Bunker16 - screenshot #5Bunker16 - screenshot #6Bunker16 - screenshot #7Bunker16 - screenshot #8

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