Bubble Struggle 2

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A fun to play arcade game that's well suited and fun for anyone regardless of age

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In Bubble Struggle 2 the harpoon wielding little devil is back to pop some more bubbles in an all new title that brings plenty of features. This time you are faced with more challenging levels which you can share with another friend in co-op mode.

Classic arcade fun at your disposal

Bubble Struggle 2 pitches the same gameplay as the first title while adding a few things along the way. Your job is to pop a series of balloons that bounce around using a weapon that seems to be a harpoon gun. The trick is that you can’t let the balloon hit because you lose one of your three lives, and each one you manage to pop, splits into two smaller ones and so on.

Eventually, the bubbles will become small enough that there is nothing more to separate into and you win the level once there are no traces left of them. At first the game will be rather simple but as you advance into the level count, each round starts with additional balloons and if you don’t have a good splitting strategy, you can soon get overruned by bouncing pieces.

Multiple modes to try with your friends

Since Bubble Struggle 2 is an arcade game, it offers that basic competitive edge in which you challenge yourself to do better than the guy or girl who owns the highest score. You can try your best in classic single player mode, one level at a time, or in staying alive where you’re limited to one room but the balloons just keep coming until they’re too much to handle.

With this second title, you get the possibility to have a friend over and play together at the same time. You can opt for battle or cooperative modes and have fun blasting bubbles together.

Simple and clean fun

To wrap it up, Bubble Struggle 2 comes as a sequel to a successful Flash arcade game that has offered plenty of fun to a lot of generations. It’s one of those games that doesn't really get better with age but it’s still a great choice for a casual day.=

Bubble Struggle 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 16th, 2014
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