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Command a ship, explore an unknown universe, get into big ship fights and put a stop to conspiracies in this lightweight game

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Pilot a ship through a vast universe, fight pirates and people who don’t really like your face. Upgrade your ship with the latest weapons or buy a new one and start all over. Buy and sell resources, precious materials and even livestock. All of this is possible in Black Market and it’s quite the relaxing game to play.

Good looks with good gameplay that make for a good game

You don’t really know what to expect from Black Market and that’s something that works in its favor. It’s a good looking game that blends a bit of RPG with exploration, it has plenty of space combat that’s similar to that in MMORPGs, there are hundreds of missions to take and loads of trading to do.

Black Market comes with two game modes, Story Mode, in which you get to follow a story that goes deep into the events and plots that shape the galaxy you’re in, and a second, Free Trade Mode in which you get to anything you want from what the game has to offer.

Gameplay is essentially the same in both modes. You click the destination you want to fly to and depending on what it is, you can mine for resources, do a quick scan for a fast pickup and if it’s a planet, you can dock and tend to your trading, upgrades or bar socializing. The goods you find or win over combat can be sold for profit and with the cash you can purchase new weapons, upgrades and even a new better ship.

Easily addictive if you’re into this sort of games

Black Market is very easy to play and it is quite enjoyable if you’re looking for a game that has space ships, space pirates and fights that take place between asteroids and debris. And speaking of, in Black Market there’s a good chance that wandering around from one space rock to another that you will be hit by small asteroids and storms which can damage your ship considerably.

It is however a chance you’ll have to take because exploration is crucial in this game. Moreover, while traversing uncharted space, enemy ships can engage you but each time you will have multiple options. You can choose to fight, bribe them so they leave you alone or just bluf with a threat to see where that goes.

A game that’s too relaxing to pass by

In all fairness, it’s relatively easy to see why you’d get bored of Black Market after a couple of hours. Gameplay diversity doesn’t seem all that present but then again, it is a really well crafted game that’s free. For the fans of the genre it will surely be fun to play.

Black Market HD was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 16th, 2015
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