Battle Gear 2

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A Flash game that has you fighting other nations for military dominance on a wide range of battlefields

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Battle Gear 2 is a casual military strategy game in which you will have to find a way to obtain world dominance. It’s a Flash powered release that can be run on just about any system without having to worry about performance issues.

Pick an alliance and march into battle

Before you start any kind of war, you will have to choose from one of seven alliances which are spread throughout the globe. After that, you embark on a short tutorial that lightly explains the basic concepts of the game.

Simplified, you start from the region in which your alliance is located, you strengthen your army and initiate an assault on a nation that shares borders with you. Since war is mostly unpredictable you can also expect attacks from other factions that are spread around the world. Battle Gear 2 uses a turn-based system in which you can choose to initiate an attack, upgrade your units or your army’s overall strength and then end your turn, giving way to the AI to make its move.

Plenty of units to choose from, each one with its strengths and weaknesses

As far as military power and diversity goes, Battle Gear 2 provides plenty to choose from. Depending on the location of a battle, you can choose between units from categories such as artillery, infantry, air force, navy and special. Since the computer controlled factions have their chances to muster an army and attack, you can also build defense structure around your capital city to make sure it’s not overrun by the enemy.

Gameplay is fairly simple because all you have to do in a fight is choose the units you want to send into battle and hope for the best. You do however need to take into consideration against what army you are sending your units. For example infantry won’t do that well when put to fight tanks.

A decent game to play on a casual Friday

All in all, Battle Gear 2 is a bit rough around the edges and it takes a bit to get used to. After you get through a few battles, hopefully successful ones, you start to grasp how things work and in a no time you will understand what it takes to conquer the world.

Battle Gear 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 7th, 2015
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