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The game is all about defending your base and shooting the enemy tanks.

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Battle City is a recreation of the original game with the same name that was developed by Namco in 1985. It’s a tank on tank shooter where you have to defend a bird-like object all while destroying the entire enemy invading force.

A basic shooter from the cartridge days

Battle City is an old-school as they get. I remember playing a version of it on a basic gaming console and loving it. Two player matches were always the best because we were able to build our first level and take on the enemy on our own terms. This Battle City doesn't have that option so tough luck.

In it, all you need to do is control the tank, shoot the other tanks and do your best to survive all the incoming waves and levels. Of which, each one will have a different layout and new tiles that will either help or make things harder.

Graphics beyond retro

Battle City’s visual style is exactly that of the original game so expect some vintage stuff. Even the AI is identical, and the audio has nicely been ripped. It’s all like it was in the 90s when this game was popular.

For those who liked Tank A 1990, Battle City is the same thing. Unlike in Tank Force, here you won’t be able to play with three other friends. Battle City is a one-man operation and a very basic one at that. Still, it’s a good piece of gaming memorabilia.


To end, Battle City is a nice rip of the original in almost every way. If you’re looking to see how a shooter looked back then, this one is a very good choice.

Battle City was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 16th, 2015
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