Ball Separation

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Make sure all the balls are separated in this addictive arcade game. Have lots of fun!





Ball Separation is a simple arcade game where your objective is to separate all the colored balls.

The playing field is split in half, each having a different color. The balls will bounce from wall to wall and are colored in two colors as well. In the middle is a small opening that you can control.

Use the opening to separate the balls and advance to the next level. The mouse is used to play.

NOTE: To play the .air version you'll need Adobe Air.
Last updated on September 23rd, 2013
Ball Separation - When launching the game you can check out the high scores in order to see the skills of other playersBall Separation - The Instructions screen is a clear sign that you should grease your mouse for easy slidingBall Separation - The first level is not too much of a sweat, but think of it as trainingBall Separation - Level two is where the difficulty increases. Time is not on your side, so move those lines skillfully in order to send each ball to its side

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