BTM Pro (Net)

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The package contains three Italian card games




BTM Pro (Net ) provides you with three Italian card games: Briskula, Treseta, Madraso (Triumph).

You can play ordinary or double type of Briscola. And also Tressette with or without declarations. Triumph is Croatian variant of Madrasso.

Cards are one player against the computer, or network game (2 players, or 4 players in 2 pairs) over TCP/IP protocol. You have to know the cards rules before playing it. They have nice animation.

You can select option for playing computer versus computer with open cards which is useful for the learning process or for estimating the computer player strength. Cards have also the learn mode. You can choose between English or Croatian language.
Last updated on July 10th, 2015
BTM Pro (Net)BTM Pro (Net)BTM Pro (Net)

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