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Ride your BMX bine across different tracks and perform as many tricks as you can

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BMX Master is an arcade game that aims to test your BMX skills on a series of virtual parks. In this game you will be able to perform a wide range of tricks, simple, complicated or combined.

See how many tricks you can pull off

In each level you have to gain a certain number of points to be able to advance to the next one. You are awarded points for each successful trick you pull off and the more you manage, the more points you get.

The controls for the game are very simple, you use the arrow keys to pedal or slow down and also to balance the rider when he is in mid air. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you prefer these kinds of games, a trick in BMX Master is performed by pressing just one key.

There are eight tricks your rider can do and if you manage to catch enough air when coming off a ramp, you can combine them for extra points.

Balance is crucial

Like in real life, the thing you need to worry about most is the landing and since BMX Master is a 2D game, you only have to worry about balancing your guy on one direction. Tricks are easy to combine but mastering the landings is the real challenge in this game.

A lot of time you will crash your bike but as you practice and get used to the controls and how the rider behaves, you will make mistakes less often. Regarding game mechanics, there really aren’t any as the laws of physics are hardly felt.

A casual game for the BMX fan

To wrap it up, playing BMX Master won’t turn you into a 2D Dave Mirra but it will keep you entertained for a couple of hours if you have the patience to perfect your landings.

BMX Master was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 24th, 2014
BMX Master

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