Attack of the Killer Swarm

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Control an angry swarm of bugs and use them to lift people up into the sky then drop them to their death

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Imagine a day in a big American city somewhere in the 50’s, people are casually walking about, minding their own business. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant swarm of insects starts picking them up, then throws them up into the sky and lets them smash to the ground. That’s what you get to do in Attack of the Killer Swarm.

Find the best way to splatter people

In Attack of the Killer Swarm, you control a swarm of angry and well-coordinated insects that you use to kill pedestrians. You will only use the mouse to guide the swarm and issue the orders, which makes the game a very casual one. That and the fact that it’s easy to play.

Clicking in a spot tells the swarm to go there and focus down one or two people, picking them up. Holding the left mouse button pressed, you can guide the swarm and hopefully find the best throwing velocity that launches the victims up in the air. The bigger the velocity, the more points you get.

Bask into an atmosphere of classical music and screams of terror

Attack of the Killer Swarm is that kind of game that’s built to be strange and amusing at the same time. It’s equally bad and good to throw digital humanoids up into the air and then hope they hit the ground really hard.

In the game, you get to enjoy a well-chosen piece of music that makes the game serene, calming. On top of that, add the sound of the swarm and the screams of the people that have been picked up or falling to their game death.

A fine example of what can be created when you have a lot of free time

Attack of the Killer Swarm is an interesting game, which is probably the highest compliment you can give it. It’s indeed something different, and weirdly enough, fun.

Attack of the Killer Swarm was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 14th, 2015
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