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A gladiator fighting game where you must gear up a gladiator team of orcs, elves and others; become a manager and lead your team to honor and glory in tactical turn-based battles!

When the team is set, you'll face other teams and fight against them in tactical turn-based combat.

Main features:

  • Seven different tournaments (Slaves' League, Warriors' League, Heroes' League, Supreme League, Legendary League, The Continental Cup, The Grand Skirmish)
  • Randomly created gladiators; more than a hundred million possibilities!
  • Customize your gladiators by buying them equipment, leveling them up, enchanting their items, changing their wages, training them by hiring masters and in many other ways!
  • Gladiators will also earn experience in different combat abilities such as crossbows, light armor, swords and clubs.
  • The presence of magic is strong! Learn magic with your gladiator and choose from fourteen different spells.
  • Fight against fifty teams controlled by AI. They'll also striving to win their way to the top of Legendary League!
  • Tactical turn-based combat with thousands of different possible tactics!
  • A nice retro feeling in the game; pixelated graphics, 8-bit sound effects and music!
  • A multiplayer mode! Take up your team against randomly chosen teams of your level across the world and try to reach the top of the online team rankings!
  • The Grand Skirmish tournament will pit you against foreign teams of the fantasy world every four in-game years. You'll see them using different technology and items. There might be even foreign races that you are not used to!
  • A versatile, interesting gameplay that will last for at least fifty hours!
  • Many events, for example, wars and slave rebellions! Events will have impact on the arena and your gladiators.
  • You can research new technology! There's 25 items you can discover when researching.

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November 8th, 2012, 1:32 GMT
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Abnodie Games
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