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A simple and fun little game in which you have to shoot an arrow off of someone's head

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There have been enough cartoons and movies which depict the feats of William Tell, a marksman that could shoot an apple off a child’s head from a long distance. He wasn't the only legendary figure capable of it but most of you have heard of him, and now it’s time for you to be a William Tell.

Apple Shooter is a tiny Flash game in which you will have to use a bow and arrow in order to skillfully shoot an apple off of your chubby friend’s head.

Simple game and gameplay

Apple Shooter is a game that requires almost no effort from your PC to run thanks to its simple graphics and can be played on any system as long as it has Flash installed.

You use your mouse to aim the arrow higher or lower, holding the left-mouse button allows you to choose the force that is applied to the string and you let go of the arrow by releasing the button. You also get an indicator for the angle at which you shoot and it comes in very handy for those cases where you shoot too high as it allows you to refine your shot.

Increasingly hard as you pass each level

The first shots are fairly easy because you start off at a small distance but with each successful shot you manage, the distance for the next one increases by 5 feet. As the gap between you and your target changes, it becomes more difficult to aim and anticipate the arrow’s trajectory.

It’s always good to aim higher because each arrow that misses remains visible to you and it’s easier to calibrate the next one. If your aim is too low, then the apple might not have a head to rest on and if you manage to shoot your assistant anywhere, you will have to start the game.


As a casual game, Apple Shooter is a good choice. It’s easy to play, a bit challenging and last but not least, fairly fun.

Apple Shooter was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 23rd, 2014
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