Animal Olympics - Pole Vault 1.0.0

It's time to challenge yourself and rise to amazing new heights!

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What's new in Animal Olympics - Pole Vault 1.0.0:

  • Fixed a bug where the Facebook profile picture is not shown in the high scores table.
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4 Animal Olympics - Pole Vault Screenshots:
Animal Olympics - Pole VaultAnimal Olympics - Pole VaultAnimal Olympics - Pole VaultAnimal Olympics - Pole Vault
In this skill game you will take control of a porcupine in the game, and your goal is to clear the greatest possible height. When the game starts, the porcupine will get ready at the starting point.

You'll have to press the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard alternatively, and the porcupine will start to run. After taking off, a column of arrows will appear on the right of the screen. You need to press the corresponding arrow keys on your keyboard, starting with the arrow at the bottom of the column, so that the porcupine can leap over the bar. After pressing a key, a tick or cross sign will appear to indicate whether your action is correct or not, and the column of arrows will scroll downwards.

If you press a wrong arrow key, 2 new arrows will be added to the column of arrows, and if you cannot clear the entire column before the porcupine reaches the top, the bar will be knocked off and the jump will fail. You will be given 3 attempts for each height, and if the porcupine fails to clear the current height after all attempts, the game ends. If the jump is successful, the height will be recorded. Then you can click to set the new height you would like to clear.

The best height, the current height and the number of attempt will be displayed at the top left corner of the screen. Upon completion of the event, the porcupine will receive a medal if the result is good enough. Let the porcupine proudly stand on the podium!

Last updated on August 29th, 2013


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