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Play as the legendary Aladdin as he tries to rescue Jasmine and avoid various enemies in this challenging platformer

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Aladdin is one of the names that pop-up when you engage in a conversation about classic platformers. It’s one of the Disney titles which have been converted into a game that offers the same charm and colorful places of the movie.

A good looking platformer, considering its age

Taking into account that it’s a game from the early 90s, Aladdin still offers good looking graphics that are backed up by some very fluent and well created animations. The game takes you on a journey through several colorful places that you might remember, like the rooftops of Agrabah, the Cave of Wonders and Grand Vizier Jafar’s palace.

Apart from the instantly recognizable main character, the sultan’s henchmen and the animals that get into your way are also very well created and animated. You get to encounter all kinds of foes, goofy looking or more dangerous, all of which make the game all that more enjoyable.

Simple gameplay that’s good, clean fun

Aladdin is controlled with just a few keys which allow him to move, jump, attack with his scimitar or throw deadly apples at the enemy. While you can attack with your sword as much as you want without breaking it, apples on the other hand are on a limited supply so you need to use them wisely and collect those you find.

Controls are simple and responsive but following in the tradition of a well built platformer, there are plenty of places where a perfectly timed jump makes all the difference. The game also offers a few bonus rounds in which you can earn extra lives or trade gems at traveling peddler for the same purpose.

An oldschool game that’s still loads of fun

On a closing note, there’s really nothing bad you can say about Aladdin. It’s got funny characters, loads of action, it’s challenging and most of all, it’s great fun for kids of all ages.

Aladdin was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 10th, 2014
Aladdin - The streets of Baghdad are never safe for the young adventurer.Aladdin - Red-hot coal can burn you quite a bit if you step on it.Aladdin - People seem to have an awful lot of pots.Aladdin - screenshot #4Aladdin - screenshot #5Aladdin - screenshot #6Aladdin - screenshot #7Aladdin - screenshot #8Aladdin - screenshot #9Aladdin - screenshot #10Aladdin - screenshot #11

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