Aladdin for SNES

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Come fly through a wonderous world of magic carpets and Arabian cities





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Come fly through a wonderous world of magic carpets and Arabian cities, while helping Aladdin as he tries to rescue the beautiful Princess Jasmine from the dastardly deeds of Jafar.

This single player adventure filled quest gives you the chance to save Agra bah from the likes of the villainous magician Jafar. Throughout the game, you will experience many different challenges ranging from escaping the Cave of Wonders, to taking on and battling the sultan's henchman, as well as, various desert creatures.

Use weapons such as apples and a sword. You will also have the luxury of earning additional lives through various bonus rounds, but watch out, some bonus levels are not very giving. Your mission is to reach Jafar and destroy him before he marries the Princess and eliminates the Sultan for good. Are you brave enough to accept the challenges this game has to offer, or will you fall victim to Jafar's power and let him marry Jasmine?

Developed by Virgin Interactive, using Disney animation, released this action packed game in 2004 and it is compatible with SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive, Game boy and Game boy Color.

This is the ultimate SNES remake!
Last updated on April 25th, 2008
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