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AVGN: Game Over, or the mockery of several classics through bad puns and foul language. It’s a platformer that has your character jumping, punching and cursing every time he scrapes his knee.

On the fence between being amusing and downright inappropriate

From a graphics standpoint, AVGN: Game Over can’t be argued with because it is a fan-made game that aims to be anything but serious, but seriously offensive. It uses a retro look with old’school gameplay that work well together and with the rest of the game concept.

In every level you’ll be punching goombas, Kirbys and a whole lot of characters from popular platformers and not only. In the standalone games, some of the future punching bags are evil characters, others are heroes but in AVGN: Game Over they are all categorically victims.

The game pushes forward a sense of useless violence that is backed up by a good deal of verbal abuse that just isn’t right. At times cursing a bit can be funny but I’m not sure that this game has that thought in mind.

Drop the F bomb, literally

The game is meant to reflect The Angry Video Game Nerd who has made a name for himself for openly bashing games that he considered to be bad. Presentation was everything and that’s also obvious in the game. There is a lot of cursing and to recharge his life essence, he drinks beer just like in real life.

As a game, AVGN: Game Over is...something. Having repetitive gameplay is an understatement because you can finish the game just by using a single move and the constant ‘F***’ shouts get annoying after a while.

If you’re the kind who easily gets frustrated, don’t play this

To wrap it up, AVGN: Game Over is not something worth recommending. As a game, it’s barely decent and its ‘charm’ solely revolves around the use of trash-talk and downright indecent language.

AVGN: Game Over was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 22nd, 2015
AVGN: Game OverAVGN: Game OverAVGN: Game OverAVGN: Game Over

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