ATR 72-500

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Whenever you are in need of a touch of realism, use this new mod for Flight Simulator X.




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Exclusively designed for Microsoft's Flight Simulator, computer pilots can experience first hand what it is like to fly the real ATR 72-500.

Select to fly from the Captain's or First Officer's panel in either of the standard brown or newly available blue/grey cockpit configuration. Experience the fully functional and highly detailed virtual cockpit with many never before features, such as truly working windshield wipers that remove the rain from the windows.

Take a stroll through the virtual cabin, checking out the detailed 3D interior including 2 different seating configurations, available in 4 different color schemes. The level of detail for this mod will impress even the most skeptic players.

Please note that the FSX version does not contain the 2D fixed quartering cockpit views (as shown in the 6th picture down on the right), as these are no longer supported in FSX.
Last updated on December 26th, 2009
ATR 72-500ATR 72-500ATR 72-500

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