A Hint of a Tint

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Explore dungeons, fight monsters and gather treasures!




This is a story-driven dungeon crawler with random generated dungeons. Collect loot and use it against monsters. The game features two great modes:

Story Mode
Mandy can't figure out why every creature she has met since finding herself in this strange new world speaks of her as if she had literally just been born.

They all keep referring to a device known as "The Spawn Symbol" as her origin. But if Mandy had really been created by such a device, why is it that her memories of her past are so real?

Take control of the Bee soldier, Tyalinne, on a mission through the mazelike Isterway Sanctuary as the story surrounding Mandy unfolds piece by piece.

Survival Mode
Choose from one of the characters appearing in Story Mode to play as in a desperate crawl that will test your resourcefulness. Whereas in Story Mode you can continue from the room you were in when you die, in Survival Mode death cannot be undone.  How deep into the dungeon can you get before making an inevitable final blunder?
Last updated on November 7th, 2012
A Hint of a TintA Hint of a TintA Hint of a TintA Hint of a TintA Hint of a TintA Hint of a Tint

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